Women's Resource Center - Westbank

Women's Resource Center - Westbank

1221 Truxton Street

Gretna, LA. 70053

(504) 363-2120

e-mail - womenrc@att.net

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Support Groups


In carrying out our mission to improve the lives of women and empower them to achieve their full potential, we’ve found nurturing group settings to be very important to that process.  This is especially true when circumstances such as, depression, anxiety, and background issues exist; also emotional or physical ailments make one’s life more complicated.

Women’s Resource Center-Westbank support groups offers a structured and safe place to connect with other women in an honest and intimate way. The ability able to take off social masks and reveal all parts of yourself, and the discovery that in spite of our differences, there are in many ways in which we are so much alike. 

The Benefits of Support Groups

A benefit of a support group is realizing that although women have many different issues and various ways of coping, there are basic struggles we all share that simply come from being a woman. This simple but powerful concept helps to reduce the sense of isolation and aloneness. In the support group women are able to feel both supported and challenged. As the group bonds and trust develops, women feel safer to speak honestly with each other. In the support group women can both get and give. Both feel good.