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Better Me

Better Me is an “earn while you learn” program that allows us to walk alongside you during your pregnancy and after your baby is born. The program offers support and mentoring for mothers, fathers, grandparents and their families. We recognize the importance of responsible parenting and want to encourage parents to be caring and motivated. We desire that parents know they are not alone and can rely on our program for resources and emotional support. It is our goal that parents who participate will allow this educational experience to benefit their children’s lives as well as their own.


What happens at my appointment?

During your appointment, you will meet with a volunteer client advocate who will evaluate your needs and customize your classes according to your needs. The sessions last 40 minutes and you are reimbursed for the time you invest with Better Me Vouchers. Better Me Vouchers can be used to "purchase" baby items in the Love Store at the Women's Resource Center-Westbank.


Scheduled Sessions

Sessions are designed to begin during pregnancy and continue through the toddler stage. Some of the session topics include:


Fetal Development

Parent - Child Relationships


Money Management

Healthy Relationships


How do I earn Better Me Vouchers?

Better Me Appointments

Completed Homework

Attend Parent Skill building Classes (held once a month on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-7:40pm in the Women Resource Center building- call for the next scheduled class date)

Attend Childbirth class (scheduled once per month per quarter at the Center)