Women's Resource Center - Westbank

Women's Resource Center - Westbank

1221 Truxton Street

Gretna, LA. 70053

(504) 363-2120

e-mail - womenrc@att.net

Please call for appointments.

Counseling Services

When faced with the reality, the impact and sometimes fear that often accompanies life transitions, many women need a listening ear.  They need someone they can turn to in times of stress, anxiety, or direction, someone who can offer empathy and support on a one-on-one basis.


We provide counseling for women as a means of providing just such a support network.

Women’s Resource Center-Westbank works with each client to determine the best options for counseling services. We have a Mental Health Professional, a M.A. counselor on staff who offers discounted rates.  In addition, we often can provide free counseling for those who are eligible.


Contact Women’s Resource Center – Westbank for eligibility screening at (504) 363-2120