Women's Resource Center - Westbank

Women's Resource Center - Westbank

1221 Truxton Street

Gretna, LA. 70053

(504) 363-2120

e-mail - womenrc@att.net

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Sister's Care Life Enrichment Program

Women’s Resource Center- Westbank is looking to expand our services. Our mission is to empower women by adding the Sister’s Care Life Enrichment Program, a comprehensive and unique program, offering women long-term support toward a holistically healthy lifestyle.  Components of the program include a four week solution-based therapy workshop and bi-monthly individual counseling with our Master Level Counselor.  In addition there is monthly face-to-face contact with a qualified and trained female mentor, opportunities to build and enhance communication and necessary life skills via Women’s Resource Center-Westbank classes, programs and collaborations with area agencies  and opportunities for overall enhancement through Women’s Resource Center- Westbank classes and development programs.  To support Women’s Resource Center-Westbank and the Sister’s Care Life Enrichment Program initiative, The We Care giving club has been established.  


Sister’s Care Membership

Sister’s Care will be made up of women within our community who support the mission of Women’s Resource Center-Westbank and are passionate about the needs of women. Their financial contributions will ensure that WRC- Westbank is open to serve the needs of women. These contributions will allow us to provide services such as, Change4Good, that offers practical help for women going through life changes and to expand our Sister’s Care Life Enrichment Program. We are so thankful for these compassionate women and for their financial support. 

If you would like to be a part of the Sister's Care Membership fill out the form below.